Mountain, you love the roots of bare trees,

they heal me with the maturity of their branches in the wind,

as their saltpeter soaks my face.


I see the sky arrive,

in its dark wavy mirror,

to the same coast where I was born.


There I look today

and I say goodbye to the one I love,

I say goodbye to the one who loves us.


I remember your respectful words to the marine horizon,

today and tomorrow,

I will share them with Luna.


You are afternoon's strength

Coming back on the tide and soaking us.

Far above you still get my eyes wet,

and that's good.


Streams run in winter on my Island,

never more than today, they carry my heart,

Their crying is sweet and it's history.


The wealth of age next to Tobacco,

teach men not to suffer

and never spoil the Great Sense in this short life.


To the force that made us born,

we will return in peace.

Nothing will have changed.


And among heaven and earth,

a resistant composition won´t hurt anymore

bleeding under wet leaves.


Great Perfection, you live within us,

you draw the world to your wealth and likeness

as an emanation of the most beautiful crystal.


Temper our hearts

with the cool breeze from our grandparents' breath,

and the bright sun of the presence of those who are not here today.


As a man I take a seat

and meditate on the mountain side to see better,

next to the white eagle, I slowly raise my head to the blue.


Memories, truths and purposes for the beginning year 2018

 Elder Jimbikit and Ruymán 

Elder Jimbikit and Ruymán 

At this beginning of year, till not so long pretty far away, I think about the fifteen that have passed living this path of Amazonian shamanism. I started around my twenties and, well, no beginning is usually excellent. But my sincerity, strength and curiosity as a spiritual man, psychologist, teacher and therapist through the use of traditional Chinese medicine, took me far in the search of the soul.

When I arrived to the Amazon, I boasted of my knowledge as a doctor, but soon the people of the area, with their simplicity, taught me how misplaced I was, and how ridiculous my own shadow made me look. So I surrendered to loneliness, me and Natem: twisting in his sacred enchantment. I knew that if I fell, it was me the one who would have to get up, and I thought: either I learn or give up. But, where to get back ?, what would I repeat?, in what bloody wheel did I want to continue accommodating the underfed, rotting flesh? And how would I convince that dark, educated and justified mind that there was a noble heart, the one that Arutam electrifies?

So I didn’t take a step back, and I could feel Arutam, and I balanced myself on Him. How enormous is my gratitude to my teacher and friend Jimbikit! How he shuddered me, so creepy, to the last corner of my being for so many years! During many transmissions of power (tsentsak), he managed to lift my sacred touch to infinity. I made an effort just to learn how to live without losing a tenth of that great gift. I balanced myself by being heaven, earth and everything else that exists, every time I ate, breathed, watched, loved, taught, trained, healed...

At one point, after many years, he told me: now I am no longer your teacher, I am your friend. I already knew that moment had arrived, their transmissions were no longer different from what I always felt. But one last surprise, and a sample of his mastery, was to receive his last and wisest words at exactly the right moment.

I owe him a lot of what I am today. His "tsentsak", his power, his spirit,  transformed and reformed me. Those who know me in ceremony, can attest to the kind of wild and strange animal I became in the eyes of worldliness. Today I teach that intensely realized freedom, in the mind and heart, manages to redraw the nervous system and the body. With a good teacher -and in time- we can awaken the animal that was born one day in this world.

I remember my old uncle Nuninkia with a lot of affection. He taught me a lot about discipline and traditional care. I saw his love and he gave me love. He took care and accompanied me as I shared his knowledge with me, and he trained me by sharing his life with me.

I met many more people. Most of those relatives were very close, others were not. We're living dark times here, they are post-war times. The resentment of the Indians towards the whites is huge, it is hatred. White people keep despising the natives and using them. They cheat and destroy their habitat to exploit natural resources and literally devastate. There is no consensus. The young Shuar become weak as they desire what their "enemies" have. It's easy to end up buying them.

This confusing form of colonization has brought chaos to an entire community. Spanish soldiers perpetrated massacres hitherto unknown; the priests exercised their peaceful conquest, but not exempt from cruelty; multinationals used methods to create needs and poison every aspect and every part of the life of other cultures.

As a result of all this, shamans crossed in my path, some very close, since I was real family, for many years, with the Shuar people and, somehow, it'll always be. All of them were children of that past described, but some were better influences. The teaching of others was perverse, expert in lies and manipulation. No one can transmit the union in Arutam and his sacred touch, if he himself does not participate in that concidion. Of good and evil, I learned from my elders, and I learned a lot. As for the majority, all of them corrupted by the desire for power, money, sex and influence, I had to get rid of their presence as soon as possible and politely. I understand that if you are violently separated from your family when you are a child; if they teach you another language so you never talk to your elders; if they give you food only when you obey, if they educate you under the influence of the Catholic religion as if it were the only truth, if they constantly destroy the jungle for the raising of cattle or what is convenient in the name of God and the State, if your teachers or your cures violate you when you are a child and your only destiny is to teach that same to others in the communities, and you hate whites, you will probably want to fight them until the end and, in the meantime, you will continue sharpening the ill tendencies that you learned.

These individuals, self-styled "shamans", are usually the best known outside the jungle, because they are already known in their villages and their mere existence is lamented. They are the ones who do the most to attract attention and reach power (sex, money and influence) that may be in the hands of others, especially in cities. They have been seduced and corrupted by the world of the white man in a very sick way.

It is unfortunate that all these news are spread so quickly, and that the world of shamanism is being overshadowed by the action of corrupt beings, whether they are native or not. Sooner or later everything comes to light, and these scandals are becoming common in the public media, which expose them more and more.

I have dedicated too many years to take care of the union in Arutam feeling the Natem. I assure you that this teaching is perfect and unique and that it should be protected as a millennial and carefully transmitted art. In this New Year, though a little older now, I would like to present you the second part of the movie "The Great Chant of Shamanism. The Way of Ayahuasca and Tobacco ". I want to make the best ceremonies of my life. I want to teach all of this to a world that forgets, between abandonment and confusion, the true meaning of shamanism that my grandparents lived and transmitted. I want all this to survive. I want to leave an important legacy with the best of my people's tradition: my Amazon family.

Arutam Ruymán 

Tobacco available through Tõnu Talimaa


My beloved family in Europe and Rusia, I'll be away for some months to dedicate to my work in my center in Ecuador and Argentina. Care for the sacred touch in your lives and nourish it with Tobacco. If you need, count with my brother Tõnu; he has grown amazonian Tobacco in the estonian land and the result has been good. No matter what spot around the world you are living on; Tõnu's Tobacco rolls may join your practice to deepen in Arutam's union. Don't doubt about contacting him if you wish to go ahead with strength and light on the path.

In Facebook and its messenger, you'll find him as Tõnu Talimaa. His mail is: terviklik1@terviklik.ee

Words to Arutam Ruymán, Buenos Aires 2017

2017-12-19 19.35.49.jpg

A words of affection towards Arutam Ruymán, inspired by the end of year ceremonies in Buenos Aires. By Mauricio Auvet:


In the last thrust of time,

right at the point where dreams hurt

with the soul full of sorrow and bitterness,

the wounds throb as your singing is heard.


You, who learned the wisdom of our ancestors;

You, who was blessed by the Great Spirit,

help me remember;

You, the one who cares and transmits the sacred touch,

save me from darkness.


Your song brings back memories of the world;

your art unties the time between the sounds and the omens.

My heart listens

death and life,

fear and love,

transforming sorrows, healing wounds.



You reveal the Great Secret.

Medicine works in my body,


I'm flying with wings of tenderness,

I abandon reasoning to reach this understanding


My soul vibrates as it heals my body.

The smell of incense prevails

in the vagueness of bodies lying in trance.

I am part of the whole,

the ego dissolves.


The night dies, the day is born.

The shadows fall and the warrior awakens

under the spell of your sweet flute as beauty is unveiled.

The sound of the wind makes my soul bloom.


From your hand I meet my grandfather Tobacco,

I am overflowing with freshness

and drink the blood of Arutam.

Teach me, oh Master!

your wisdom.


I honor this wonderful experience with all due solemnity,

with respect and love, I take care of my feeling.

Infinite is my gratitude

 to your will, to your work.

Thank you for the ceremony,

thank you for teaching me how to be Human.

Second part: The diet in Shamanism, specially focused on Ayahuasca ceremony.


I continue with some clarifications about the original article published in my previous post:

I've received quite a few questions about which are the best vegetables to consume. A raw green leafy salad is a good choice. All kinds of water vegetables, especially zucchini of all kinds, eggplant, leeks, varieties of pumpkins (eating in moderation), Swiss chard, spinach, peppers, etc. Eat your fill, no matter the amount.


Another issue to keep in mind is what types of carbohydrates to consume. Among the seeds, quinoa and buckwheat are the best options. You have to avoid cereals completely. Among the vegetables, we can choose roots with high carbohydrate content: carrots, turnips and beets as very acceptable, but remember to consume it in moderate amounts. We must be very cautious about the consumption of radish, because it is a spicy food. Potatoes and sweet potatoes can be consumed, but in moderate amounts, due to their high carbs content. 500g per day, in total, should be enough for a combined lunch of roots (each person's need is different and that should be determined in advance). We must also clearly decide in advance if we prefer seeds or roots at lunch, because you should never eat them together. In the jungle you only have roots: yucca, pelma, papachinia, sweet potato, etc. These are the hydrates that are usually consumed along with green plantain.


With regard to fruits, they should not be eaten too late. The ideal is to do so when we drink water, right after the ceremony. I usually take my second ration in the early afternoon. In my usual life, I try to consume an amount of around two kilos of fruit a day, but not so much on ceremonial days. It's very important to differentiate fruits into two types: those with the higest and lowest count of sugar. We recommend - for daily consumption and also for the ceremony: melon and watermelon (better alone); grapes, apples and pears (slightly cold ones, for Ayahuasca); blueberries, peach, apricot, medlar, plum and papaya are always great. Cherimoyas, cherry, fig and persimmons are not so advisable for the afternoons of ceremony, because they are too sweet. Bananas and dates are not recommended: they’re too sweet. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, pineapple and a few drops of lemon and tangerines (very few) should be consumed in moderate amounts, and outside of ceremony hours, because they are quite acidic. Oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits are not used in the way of shamanism due to its high acidity.


The salt is a necessary option. The pink one or mine's salt is the best and traditionally used in rainforest. Certainly you have to be insipid as the sky, water and breeze, but kidneys need stimulation and strength to support us during the long nights followed by deep concentration. Few but fundamental, specially for those not well trained. The sacred touch weakness in its body spring: the kidneys, it's a problem pretty shared between people in cities. They fail a lot in shamanism and themselves due to it. Let's don't play loosening too much: the long Spirit abandoning, its  weak touch; the abuse of over - stimulation, ansiety and sex, come clearly to light  through the lack of salt and nourishment (forced fast). A ceremony is the worse moment to test this kind of self limits, the result may be a serious mess.


Another issue is fasting: Should we or should not we eat? The answer is clear: you have to eat, you need energy to maintain strength or to work towards balance in Arutam. City people are very weak, they are not a pure breed raised in nature, they are full of sacred touch and they practice sexual abstinence with care. With the fire of life weak between the kidneys, they cannot resist and work well, especially with Ayahuasca, although this applies to any entheogen. Fasting is dangerous and useless in shamanism, except for experts. The energy of the food helps us when the sacred touch is insufficient. It is also essential to resist, to avoid falling apart, especially in those ceremonies with strong power plants and in the company of powerful masters. In any case, what we need is to eat small quantities, and very early, before noon on the days of ceremony.