Shuar shamanism

Arutam and the force

Arutam is a perfect crystal that sustains the entire existence in a single Great Feeling. It's the perfect intellect behind the world we see, that eternally imbibes from its own grace. It's harmony, which keeps that sacred perfection intact, making it both immortal and eternally venerable; just a pass of time that dignifies it, and uncovers new miracles inexhaustibly.

That sacred crystal is a temperate peace within the most calm and rich insipidness. Each craving ridicules itself before the Infinite Feeling, which contains all feeling in its most minute twilights and at its most splendid apogee, in the spark of an instant.

The man who gives himself, during that trance, will rest in plenitude. And in the natural intellect that has always been, he understands the past and abandons it in compassion, by freely breathing the Arutam, in the very instant he sings, in the eternal ocean of the Great Feeling.

Skies that mourn and wet the sweet earth, awaken a sudden snap, which was hidden in a corner between earth, stone and trees. A part of the feeling of Arutam, engraved on some green leaf, will remind men of some nuance of the richness of their true feeling. By remembering Life, people heal; By remembering where we were born from, we stop hurting the world. Slowly I reflect, about compassion as the natural consequence of force.

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Acknowledgments to the third publication and translation of my second book: "The Jewel that inundates all feeling, the 72 enchantments of Tobacco".

The third publication of my second book has come to light in recent weeks. I would like to thank Andey for his effort and support: you have made all of us happy.  All of us are filled by the mystery of each sung poem and every sung teachings - now in your own language-. Thank you, Nunkui and Sergio for dedicating yourselves to the long and difficult work of translating such a book; my knowledge of the Russian language is limited, but I know that you have put all of your heart and experience in those words.

I encourage readers to understand these words little by little. Try not to adress more than one enchantment per day. Inhale tobacco before or after reading it, and let the whisper of Arutam guide your way, so that it echoes in your consciousness.

During the first steps of the road it’s difficult to understand and be carried away by the unique leave of all times. This work aims to clarify, guide and accelerate the whole process; try to aim the arrow towards a single objective: The Union with Arutam. The deeper spirituality is practiced more easily and calmly if we are blessed by the Grand Cry of our grandparents. From the very heart of the forest has grown this lament. My ancestors listened and then picked it up in their bags. The dark and golden spirit nectar has been running near the waterfalls, an then it has gone from the Masters and strong men’s hands to the younger generations. This feeling has been sailing through the hearts of men until the present.

This book seeks to protect that legacy, so that it survives the corruption and confusion that is present in our times. In this way we come to obtain a pure work, the Great Song of tradition that is, at the same time, a rumble and a power that makes the earth shake and tremble as if the crawling of the anaconda was not so far away.