Last long retreat in Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain, on shamanism this year 2018

Dear family and friends, here I share the details on this year last Tenerife retreat. It will last one week with many different activities about shamanism and teachings, so as three traditional ceremonies celebration. Further information:

Memories, truths and purposes for the beginning year 2018

Elder Jimbikit and Ruymán

Elder Jimbikit and Ruymán

At this beginning of year, till not so long pretty far away, I think about the fifteen that have passed living this path of Amazonian shamanism. I started around my twenties and, well, no beginning is usually excellent. But my sincerity, strength and curiosity as a spiritual man, psychologist, teacher and therapist through the use of traditional Chinese medicine, took me far in the search of the soul.

When I arrived to the Amazon, I boasted of my knowledge as a doctor, but soon the people of the area, with their simplicity, taught me how misplaced I was, and how ridiculous my own shadow made me look. So I surrendered to loneliness, me and Natem: twisting in his sacred enchantment. I knew that if I fell, it was me the one who would have to get up, and I thought: either I learn or give up. But, where to get back ?, what would I repeat?, in what bloody wheel did I want to continue accommodating the underfed, rotting flesh? And how would I convince that dark, educated and justified mind that there was a noble heart, the one that Arutam electrifies?

So I didn’t take a step back, and I could feel Arutam, and I balanced myself on Him. How enormous is my gratitude to my teacher and friend Jimbikit! How he shuddered me, so creepy, to the last corner of my being for so many years! During many transmissions of power (tsentsak), he managed to lift my sacred touch to infinity. I made an effort just to learn how to live without losing a tenth of that great gift. I balanced myself by being heaven, earth and everything else that exists, every time I ate, breathed, watched, loved, taught, trained, healed...

At one point, after many years, he told me: now I am no longer your teacher, I am your friend. I already knew that moment had arrived, their transmissions were no longer different from what I always felt. But one last surprise, and a sample of his mastery, was to receive his last and wisest words at exactly the right moment.

I owe him a lot of what I am today. His "tsentsak", his power, his spirit,  transformed and reformed me. Those who know me in ceremony, can attest to the kind of wild and strange animal I became in the eyes of worldliness. Today I teach that intensely realized freedom, in the mind and heart, manages to redraw the nervous system and the body. With a good teacher -and in time- we can awaken the animal that was born one day in this world.

I remember my old uncle Nuninkia with a lot of affection. He taught me a lot about discipline and traditional care. I saw his love and he gave me love. He took care and accompanied me as I shared his knowledge with me, and he trained me by sharing his life with me.

I met many more people. Most of those relatives were very close, others were not. We're living dark times here, they are post-war times. The resentment of the Indians towards the whites is huge, it is hatred. White people keep despising the natives and using them. They cheat and destroy their habitat to exploit natural resources and literally devastate. There is no consensus. The young Shuar become weak as they desire what their "enemies" have. It's easy to end up buying them.

This confusing form of colonization has brought chaos to an entire community. Spanish soldiers perpetrated massacres hitherto unknown; the priests exercised their peaceful conquest, but not exempt from cruelty; multinationals used methods to create needs and poison every aspect and every part of the life of other cultures.

As a result of all this, shamans crossed in my path, some very close, since I was real family, for many years, with the Shuar people and, somehow, it'll always be. All of them were children of that past described, but some were better influences. The teaching of others was perverse, expert in lies and manipulation. No one can transmit the union in Arutam and his sacred touch, if he himself does not participate in that concidion. Of good and evil, I learned from my elders, and I learned a lot. As for the majority, all of them corrupted by the desire for power, money, sex and influence, I had to get rid of their presence as soon as possible and politely. I understand that if you are violently separated from your family when you are a child; if they teach you another language so you never talk to your elders; if they give you food only when you obey, if they educate you under the influence of the Catholic religion as if it were the only truth, if they constantly destroy the jungle for the raising of cattle or what is convenient in the name of God and the State, if your teachers or your cures violate you when you are a child and your only destiny is to teach that same to others in the communities, and you hate whites, you will probably want to fight them until the end and, in the meantime, you will continue sharpening the ill tendencies that you learned.

These individuals, self-styled "shamans", are usually the best known outside the jungle, because they are already known in their villages and their mere existence is lamented. They are the ones who do the most to attract attention and reach power (sex, money and influence) that may be in the hands of others, especially in cities. They have been seduced and corrupted by the world of the white man in a very sick way.

It is unfortunate that all these news are spread so quickly, and that the world of shamanism is being overshadowed by the action of corrupt beings, whether they are native or not. Sooner or later everything comes to light, and these scandals are becoming common in the public media, which expose them more and more.

I have dedicated too many years to take care of the union in Arutam feeling the Natem. I assure you that this teaching is perfect and unique and that it should be protected as a millennial and carefully transmitted art. In this New Year, though a little older now, I would like to present you the second part of the movie "The Great Chant of Shamanism. The Way of Ayahuasca and Tobacco ". I want to make the best ceremonies of my life. I want to teach all of this to a world that forgets, between abandonment and confusion, the true meaning of shamanism that my grandparents lived and transmitted. I want all this to survive. I want to leave an important legacy with the best of my people's tradition: my Amazon family.

Arutam Ruymán 

Tobacco available through Tõnu Talimaa


My beloved family in Europe and Rusia, I'll be away for some months to dedicate to my work in my center in Ecuador and Argentina. Care for the sacred touch in your lives and nourish it with Tobacco. If you need, count with my brother Tõnu; he has grown amazonian Tobacco in the estonian land and the result has been good. No matter what spot around the world you are living on; Tõnu's Tobacco rolls may join your practice to deepen in Arutam's union. Don't doubt about contacting him if you wish to go ahead with strength and light on the path.

In Facebook and its messenger, you'll find him as Tõnu Talimaa. His mail is:

Second part: Alberto José Varela's fraud (Inner Mastery, Ayahuasca International- Internacional) and many others like him, in the pain of these times.

Here I update the publication about Alberto José Varela (varicela or “chickenpox” for the acquaintances) in which half a year prior to the TV report I published in my previous post, announced the growing damage and destroying made by this fictional character. I have edited again and added more content. Also at the end of every language we can find a link to a letter written in Colombia in which the government, indigenous  authorities, his supposedly master and a hundred of professionals of different areas related in the whole world denounced his dangerous and degenerated business activities.


I'm not a person who cares much about anything, that's good. Maybe I care about the future of the truth, the eternal presence of Arutam, maybe that's why here goes this words. There won't be future nor maintained focus fused in Life if in our present the flux of truth is destroyed. Our grandparents took care of it for ages until today. Now ignorants destroys it “smoothly” with thousands of justifications. The attitude of the colonizing man which in his misery only thinks in some benefit for his ego, at the expense of whatever it takes, he mocks the world and groups to find justifying support dominating mases of men and other elements of life.


 Even though it may seems incredible, this damage extends to the shamanism and so the Amazonian indigenous tradition dying and dying everyday. I can talk about so much... Unfortunately this morning an advertisement arrived to my Facebook page from a severely deranged man called Alberto José Varela (hidden behind the companies of his own creation: inner mastery, ayahuasca internacional, escuela europea ayahuasquera, ayahuasca planet, ayahuasca travels), a poor wretch that never learned a single thing about this ancient art (although he mention inexistent authorizations from native characters such as Taita querubín, an individual which, as well to my judgment leaves a great deal to be desired and that soundly denies it in the next letter) and, in his justifying insanity, from the shadow of the sickened ego, after being released from a year in jail because of his shameful spectacle with Ayahuasca in Madrid, scared decide to go on enormously increasing his mistake not  giving up before the deep darkness of his sickness. Scared to death, he choses not to take any more Ayahuasca, but now he needs money and justifications to live his catastrophe... He decides no other than opening the european school of Ayahuasca, his great insane institution where he teachs others to be facilitators of this product and he fuse it with the psychotherapy because he doesn't know what else to do. ¿What can a decadent shadow like him teach to anybody, he who doesn’t have a single idea about shamanism? ¿What kinda mockery and lack of respect is this one? A man who laugh at the native traditions, who wasn’t even part nor live in them, the most he can do is playing the guitar like in catechesis with idiotic face singing goofy stuff. Maybe he can fill in playing a Tibetan bowl, make some noise with a couple of hollow sticks… well, it seems that he also like to make people trough up with a horrendous northamerican drum. Brainwash people telling them he does integration psychotherapy and suggest them to keep on coming to suicide themselves together in sacred ceremony. Only naming other victims as his pupils , he can name himself master, although nobody ever named him, nor he ever could has been, not even imagine it. In this sad insatiable feeling, the more people take part of it, the more his dark tendency grows becoming incurable and… while, the money flows. Welcome to the “ayahuasquera european school of Varicela and team company”.


  Well, I have seen bored and jobless psychologists trying to explain the misterious art of Shamanism; I've seen religious doing the same from their own religions, the same or worse than the above mentioned, I don't know. I've seen Indians playing to be seers and manipulating people, terrible. I've seen natives ridiculously saying they cure people, what a shame. Few masters remain, that's true, but everybody doing their own without learning is going to destroy the future of humanity, it's spirituality and the possibility for our children to experience and feel as our grandparents did in the jungle. This has happened already to us in Europe, we have nothing left. All the unconscious, incoherent and irresponsible childish spoiled brats who play killing the power and the future of shamanism making your ceremonies and group games with sacred plants from the people of America, I condemn you. Happening this by own initiative, by supposed authorizations and false formation imparted by supposed professors; by dark businesses of the involved individual and who is contacted; being religious sects names, fake spiritual ways, fake corrupted leaders, as for example the extended branch of the red path of the sacred fire of itzachilatlan or the cóndor and eagle confederation, etc. Can, as soon as possible in this exact present, mature the fruit of your tendencies and so collect the true outcome of the damage inflicted to yourselves and to others. Can we have a true and pure future for the new generations. The shadow of this childish brats, also corrupted shamans, false leaders and other damaged characters, is transmitted ruining the lifes of those who take part in their ceremonies. The fact is not perceived if you are a common insensible blind, there resides the trick, but the money flows… The only thing they almost always search for, aside from social power, religious, etc.

The perfect Arutam feeling is a crystal containing all the existence. The man can stay in that trance in an inextinguishable way and stay, watching how the world flows eternally and admiring the richness of that Great Feeling. The force of Arutam makes him live in the health which is the noble smile of his body, allowing him to scream in the passion of the Great Feeling incremented by the Ayahuasca in sacred ceremony. In that way he sings as anaconda, jaguar, bird, cricket… fused in the jungle and the world. That memory and caress is shared in ceremony, so the shaman heal his households with the sacred caress and teach the ancient memory to his apprentices; transmitting it in sacred initiation over the years through the Tsentsak and in one last powerfull coronation

  Please, don't click like or support the sickness of others my beloved family, we have a responsibility for keeping this present so there could be a future.




The Alberto José Varela's fraud (Inner Mastery, Ayahuasca Internacional International) and many others like him, in the pain of these times.

Shamanism is extinguishing definitively, almost all the elders are already an old times memory in my life. I was one of the few who learned the pure source, being family among them. The natives desired and desire a western life, victims of the necessity created by the white man to manipulate them. They destroy the jungle with no mercy, only after finishing themselves off in every level. A little money, a mobile, a couple of speakers and alcohol become the motivation to keep on going tomorrow. They’ll never have what we have in Europe, but the longing is enough to abandon the shamanism, let the elder die and not learning.

The trace of white man misery was devastating in America, the natives taught that God had a Son and, being Christian colony, they have the truth. In that way we lied, steal, raped, abused, killed… until leaving nobody. Poverty and misery of the soul scatters in every corner of Amazon, it doesn’t seems like its going to get better. There is already no Master nor alive tradition practically… It is the end of shamanism and its perfect transmission. In the West, far echoes are heard which doesn’t look even a bit like the true teachings of my family: neo-shamanic imitators, mixtures of science and western therapy with Spirit and sacred plants, religious sects even Christians which take the Ayahuasca as sacrament… Confusion lost in the rest of the world that which didn’t even arrive. Hereof we have individuals which cooks a plant and sell it to earn money. Who buys it doesn’t really have a clue of what he has got, if that would help him at all and which is the path to the perfect feeling. Without wisdom, training, power transmissions from the Major Masters; Who’s going to be able to feel the Perfect Arutam which the Shaman fused in the world transmits in his scream, chant, teaching, healing and passion of life?

Lost in a hallucination delirium which always ends fatally, they are too busy to reflect and have to keep on fast forward devastating everything, it doesn’t matter. The worst comes when more people get dragged as well; even worse wanting to make it public; even worse being an ugly and tetric clown as Varela; sad, very sad, letting get manipulated by the shade of such individuals who will kill the las deep feeling that you tried to protect all your life and you made a mistake playing your last card. When you realize about this mistake it possibly will be already too late.

Today the white man wish to return to the forest to find the answers forgotten by their cruel killer ancestors, but they’ll only get what they left: resentment, manipulation, ignorance, violence and deep misery. In the video I leave you below, we see the reality of this words, it is a good and true journalistic work, as sad as the miserable destroyed reality left after the Spanish conquers in America. Of the second part, then imagine what happen with the little white fellows who met with this native degenerate “masters” in the South of America and wanted to imitate them in every way. Alberto José Varela (hidden behind his companies: ayahuasca internacional, ayahuasca travels, escuela europea ayahuasquera, ayahuasquera european school, ayahuasca planet, inner mastery...) one of the major extremes of deterioration of human being, his tradition and his society which I’ve never seen or heard of. This sad shame for the Argentina people is going to be the trigger for the prohibition of Ayahuasca in Spain at least, but well, let’s leave this for the next post. Take a look of the documentary and please share this post so many can be prevented about this I have so many time insisted on. dias/temporada-7/programa- 42/