Serious reflection upon my worked year 2017 around the world. By Arutam Ruymán

Kambó's poison extraction

Kambó's poison extraction

We were born in a postwar society that imprisons most of its members in a system of organization that takes them away from their father-and-mother world just to use them for a sickening cost-benefit analysis made to split them into the “lucky” and the “unfortunates”. This is no reason for us to voluntarily surrender to our deepest misery or to justify our own ignorance.

How deep is the disease that corrodes us to the core with its poisonous roots, while also corrupting, outwardly, the spiritual traditions that spring from human cultures. It is like the sharp claw of a spider, which bleeds us, devours us and conquers us, forcing our hearts to give in to pain. How life loses its kindest tenor, while our being collapses in the time that we have left to live.

Through the veil of confusion, the arachnid hurricane further clouds the shadow, and all that this new time offers to young men. The shamanic sacraments of the ancient peoples are immersed in that whirlwind and become poison and destruction for those who rub against them.

Tabaco, the Great Whisper of Arutam, from the heart of the jungle; which is corrupted and sick inside the cigarettes, and is misused by shady men in their dark lives.

Ayahuasca, a potion that is usually manipulated only to see colors and celebrate infamous French fries parties, all in the name of universal love, but without a single living master to take it away from the jungle. Businesses where you can pay by credit card; centers in South America - and the world - to catch tourists; marketing carried out by scoundrels who destroy the tradition with their lying words, taking advantage of the general ignorance, filling their pockets in their decadent and dark desires while the plants are extinguished.


Fungi are another onerous game and abuse. Their drawings in our minds last for a long time, accompanying daily to those who consume them. Its spiral visual effects become manifest under the effects of entheogens, leading to false realizations, disorientation and severe distortion with regard to the natural interpretation of reality; a deranged spiritual state, with a high degree of egocentrism, a loss of common sense, with delusional and toxic reasoning. All this happens under the ridiculous and unfounded belief that we do the right thing. The experience of giving aid to those who are victims of such ignorant and reckless consumption is truly exhausting. They fall into the trap of phrases they find on the Internet, such as the false assertion that fungi and cannabis are good in themselves: no substance is good if we cannot count on a good teacher.

A great teacher is unlikely to recommend the use of cannabis or fungi. It’s very questionable what scientists can say in this regard, because Shamanism is pure feeling. Shamanism is pure instinct. It talks about a man who lives in a state of equilibrium with existence, a man who’s fused in it, and whose Life flows in a state of maximum intensity. It’s a human being that can really heal other beings. Society is dying in a massive way, as it surrenders to the conquest of a pleasure that is never there, immersed in a reality that can never be changed. The more they surrender to cannabis or opiates, the less will be their determination and their tact of Life.

Their strength, their power, their Union with Arutam, all of this will go away hopelessly so as not to be even a mirage. They will crawl in the cities, they will lick their oil soul, they will delight in fleeting glimpses and fragrances, and the system itself will benefit from that loss of will. Well that's how it turns them into puppets of the self-proclaimed "new age".

Many people continue to seek new experiences, experiences of the self, where there seems to be an exasperating space-time resistance to Life. That's really pressing. Today, we use "natural" substances, which do not come from a tradition or an ancient heritage. Neither from teachers nor from cultures. They do not know their immediate effects, or what will happen to them during prolonged consumption, but they do not care about it. We also see a shameful business, on a world scale, consisting of the looting of a species of frog, the "Bufo Alvarius", something that is carried out by miserable and incompetent people.

Under the false promise of quick spiritual enlightenment, many people, with severe upheavals, subject the unwary apprentices to experiences that don’t respond to any traditional practice or offer any guidance; all of these experiences can have serious consequences, and no help is offered if necessary.

The purchaser of these substances marvels at the commercial suggestions offered by a pack, at a good price, in which everything is mixed: "Bufo" from Mexico mixed with Ayahuasca from the South American Amazon, DMT crystals, cannabis from India, fungi from the Andes: anything goes. Whether they are companies or religious sects, they promote substances with the usual tricky and deceitful phrases: "we are all one", "we have to unite traditions" or "open your mind".

In the cases mentioned above, all that is accessible and economical is used: ceremonial events of Ayahuasca are sold, where in fact no Ayahuasca is used, but a mixture of varied elements of vegetal origin through which it is intended to imitate its effect - at the expense of physical and mental health -. Everything is nothing more than a wheel that turns and turns uselessly: without tradition and without teachers.

Another recent hit in this type of scam is the use of a toad: "Kambó". The practice thrives in our days, illegally, because it produces an immediate economic benefit to those who are in charge of supply. But it is, in essence, a simple poison, whose effects are only the reaction to a very strong intoxication. The effect it produces is so violent, that I have often observed, during my ceremonies, that many people fall into a state of agony, for their body cannot free themselves from the damage inflicted nor from the strong reactions suffered during such experiences. Under these effects, the mind is lost and confused, and it wanders into a state of madness that nobody knows how to stop, or how badly it will afflict the organism.

I must insist and caution against these dangerous practices: too many people have played a game they should not play; for that reason they may no longer be able to find the Spirit for the rest of their lives. They are people who will not be able to carry out the spiritual path by the use of entheogens. Shamanism is the path that leads us to the oldest and most effective memory that exists. Only that path will tell us what we should do, or where we will go when we need healing, or when we will really need to meet the Spirit.

I don’t care what fragrance the spider blows to the wounded masses, all of them hurt by its sting and increasingly contaminated by its concealed pestilence. I don’t care how unhealthy would be the justification that seduced those who pushed the bloody wheel into spinning, whether it be for money, social power, manipulation, sex, fear, self-esteem, resentment or hatred. I don’t want to know if they are trapped in their cities, living a pitiful life, and all they want is to escape their “self” through a psychedelic trip to wherever, however and at any cost. They make a very dangerous mistake: to think that they can reach the essence of Shamanic traditions by simply buying these substances.

Time will show them what they’re really buying. Then they'll understand the responsibility they have for giving themselves to those tendencies. Nothing goes unpunished in this life: not even what we do for simple ignorance. Especially if we harm other beings, and we mislead them inside the deep ancient ocean we can only access through the traditions of our ancestors. Arutam dwells in all things. We are born of his feeling: we are made of his gaze and of his all-embracing understanding. He is peace, He is the rumor of rest, He is the wealth that constitutes both the length and breadth of life. If you have lost your memory, you must return to the good path.