Mountain, you love the roots of bare trees,

they heal me with the maturity of their branches in the wind,

as their saltpeter soaks my face.


I see the sky arrive,

in its dark wavy mirror,

to the same coast where I was born.


There I look today

and I say goodbye to the one I love,

I say goodbye to the one who loves us.


I remember your respectful words to the marine horizon,

today and tomorrow,

I will share them with Luna.


You are afternoon's strength

Coming back on the tide and soaking us.

Far above you still get my eyes wet,

and that's good.


Streams run in winter on my Island,

never more than today, they carry my heart,

Their crying is sweet and it's history.


The wealth of age next to Tobacco,

teach men not to suffer

and never spoil the Great Sense in this short life.


To the force that made us born,

we will return in peace.

Nothing will have changed.


And among heaven and earth,

a resistant composition won´t hurt anymore

bleeding under wet leaves.


Great Perfection, you live within us,

you draw the world to your wealth and likeness

as an emanation of the most beautiful crystal.


Temper our hearts

with the cool breeze from our grandparents' breath,

and the bright sun of the presence of those who are not here today.


As a man I take a seat

and meditate on the mountain side to see better,

next to the white eagle, I slowly raise my head to the blue.

Living the path of Shamanism


 Shamanism is a way of life. It’s a way to spend our years of life in a state of union and with a strong sense of existence. It’s the possibility of simply breathing, without spoiling the moment with no intention: just fused in the crystal of Perfection. It’s a crystal that contains all existence with its powerful feeling. It’s something that flows in a sacred pressure through our veins, to throbb its sacred touch in an immeasurable delight and to brighten our flesh and bones. It is the true force that flows through the structure of all beings.

Shamanism brings the individual closer to his deepest feelings, through the essential teaching that He is the answer to the concerns of those who have forgotten. It shows that peace is the rest of certainty; Its faith, which lies in the backwater of ultimate realization. It uses plants as a way to reach the interior, to the origin of feeling, to Life: the source that gave us birth. It uses plants so that we return and remember that place where Nature -embedded in its own grace- can manifest in all its perfection.

That feeling is not something that contributes - or distorts - a substance; It's something within us, and it is through the influence of this plant, that we are putting ourselves in balance, in the right place, as children of heaven and earth, who let life (Arutam) travel within them with increasing intensity.

There are really few plants that help us in such a way, every culture had a few of its own, and were always in the hands of the Master. It is true that there were many others, which produced similar effects, but in the end –sometimes too late-, the participants discovered the damage infringed by its use.

Shamanism is an ancestral path that goes back to the origins of humanity - and of knowledge - passed down through generations. It is a way to walk a path when you are lost in pain; a way of looking back that requires you to look at those ahead of you, just in case.

The ancients did not consume substances because they were not trapped and repressed - like many of our contemporaries - in a limited identity frustrated, circling, doomed to pain and failure. They were not dark souls who felt sorry for themselves. They did not live with dementia, nor did they share poisoned smiles with one another. They did not feel they needed anything, except to take care of the Great Feeling from which they were born. And if they hardened and tightened too much, they asked their elders - whom they respected and considered worthy examples - as the way to become flexible again to Life; They tried to be like them to use the art that they inherited and that survived the passage of time and difficulties.

It goes without saying that nothing new was ever invented: it was always more or less the same, for centuries, in ancestral cultures. Each Master had his peculiarities, but in any case he transmitted the Great Feeling of Arutam with special care. In such a way it was possible to heal, and to remember, and to fill with the sacred touch; And balanced, in turn, any feeling of weakness or oblivion. Ayahuasca (Natem) was the key to that definitive beginning, but the Master was the main element of these ceremonies, and for that very reason he was so difficult to find.

We take Natem, we strive for him with an untiring will, we take care and we fast to keep the sacred trance intensely, at least 14 hours, to defeat the resistance of the "I", and clear away his rancid shadow. Too much time is required to balance our feeling in Perfection and to stay within it naturally. It takes a lot of time to renew the flow of Life within us, and get the body to remember where it came from, how it was at birth and how it should continue its remaining life according to the Great Song of Arutam.

Once the man reached his last Union and, with the passage of time, and balances within it, he takes care of it with Tobacco. A living book written by Arutam's own hand, the realized man is able to fuse, for a few moments, with all of existence, just by breathing a few dark drops of his strong nectar.

The life of a Shaman remains untouched, flooded and protected by the spirit of Tobacco (Tsaank). The memory of feeling can no longer be easily betrayed, and sensitivity is a place where instincts return, to bring the strong beat of Arutam to the entire world.

Arutam Ruymán