Ceremonies in Ireland

The ceremonies with Ruymán can completely alter one's state of perception. The more work I do with him, the more I can feel my consciousness grow, I feel a change in my relationship with the world, seeing more deeply into life, feeling my heart growing stronger.

The traditional methods of the Shuar style of ceremony are truly authentic, I have felt this authenticity in timeless moments in ceremonies where I feel I can see back to the dawn of time. Ruymán's music and prayers move the energies inside yourself, helping to release dark emotions and wrong beliefs, to transmit knowledge and to bring on deep realizations about the truth of existance. This work is the best way to ensure growth of the Spirit.


It is a real blessing to have gotten to know Ruymán and share in his work, in Ireland and all over the world. I highly recommend to all who are curious to make the effort to come to a ceremony and experience this magic.




Find out when the next ceremonies in Ireland from the calendar.


1 or 2 nights

Food & Accommodation

The ceremonies are held in a house with dormitories and showers in the beautiful countryside. Breakfast is served on both days and lunch prior to the second ceremonies.

Size of group

limited to 20-25


Covers the ceremony expenses including food, supplies and lodging.  Please contact us below for more details.



Contact the organizer

If you are interested in attending a conference or ceremony, please feel free to send us a message through a form by clicking on the button below. The organizer will contact you by email and may want to speak with your by phone to discuss about the seminars, the preparations and answer any of your questions. 

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