Ceremonies in Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

The ceremonies in Tenerife have been carried out for more than twelve years. A community has been created there. They're honored, sometimes, with Arutam Ruymán's presence.

The main reason we meet here is a simple pursuit of wisdom, and the search for the meaning of life, following the example of Native American ancestral cultures an peoples. There's also a need to heal mental and physical problems. Some people just try to live the experience and learn from it.

We know that the traditional ways of healing people, in the Amazon, where they still survive, maintain the principle of union between nature and the human being; a close relationship also linked to spirituallity.

The retreats and ceremonies in Tenerife take place in very quiet locations. They are close to this beautiful island's remaining nature. Medicinal plants, special diets, fasts and master plants or entheogens, such as Natem (Ayahuasca), Tobacco or San Pedro (Awacoya) are used, following a cristal clear path of knowledge.

The canarian family organise these events and also share these sacraments when they are used. It's wonderful, ocasionally, to count on the experience and knowledge of Arutam Ruymán, and to share his wisdom and healing power when he visits us. Many of us have witnessed his long journey throughout his native island, his studi and training of these arte, so we fully trust him.

Tenerife Spain Ceremonies

To attend the ceremonies, a preliminary interview with the community coordinator is required, to inform about the requirements and steps to be taken weeks before the ceremonies. Some people are not ready, sometimes, to take the plants, so it's necessary to make an assessment of the situation, and create a new approach to Shamanism, given that particular situation.

Every one of us has experienced a marked increased in body health, clarity, inspiration and overall sensitivity. We've also learned and remembered many human values regarding our relationship with the world and everyone who inhabits it: ecology, balance, meditation, responsibility, etc. Everything happens in intense and deep moments that create a strong bond of friendship among the participants of the ceremonies.




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1 or 2 nights

Food & Accommodation

The ceremonies are held in a house with dormitories and showers in the beautiful countryside. Breakfast is served on both days and lunch prior to the second ceremonies.

Size of group

limited to 20-25


Covers the ceremony expenses including food, supplies and lodging.  Please contact us below for more details.



Contact the organizer

If you are interested in attending a conference or ceremony, please feel free to send us a message through a form by clicking on the button below. The organizer will contact you by email and may want to speak with your by phone to clear up any doubt.

Ceremonies in Tenerife Spain