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Traditional retreat in the Amazonian Rainforest: The truthful roots of Ayahuasca ancient tradition

In this long retreat, Ruymán, Jordi and friends give us the oportunity to dive deep in the roots of Ayahuasca tradition, but specially on the philosophy behind which made possible arrive to our present this valuable practice: the shamanism. The Uwishin path has to be lived and practiced for those who really want to put together all the seperated pieces of their own spiritual practice. In this retreat, we will live in the jungle (Morona Santiago high ecuatorian rainforest), in traditional houses, eating the rainforest food and feeling as the shuar elders did in the past. Ancient rituals as the Waterfall with Tobacco dreaming, the large Ayahuasca drinking sessions called: Natemamu, and the deepest traditional ceremonies, will be exposed and shared with the prepared right attendees. Experience and previous contact with organisation is required due to the authenticity of such a work.

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