A Path to Knowledge in the Sacred Arts

Arutam Ruymán (Ruymán Barceló Solano) was born into a family of senior officials in Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Spain on August 26, 1981. He received a strict academic, religious, and musical education. From a very young age, he was inundated with profound mystical experiences which showed him a spiritual reality far from the one his traditional education presented, an education without true knowledge and instead full of dark claims. At fourteen, he started the search for greater insight through various mystical schools sprouting from the traditions of old culture. The profound teachings of the Essenes were of particular influence to him. 


As he began this search, Ruymán also stopped playing sports and began studying the art of Kung Fu which he continued to perfect over the years. At the age of sixteen, he began to study the art of traditional Chinese medicine and eventually also studied psychology at university. He spent years dedicated to the study of acupuncture and herbal medicine, practicing the diagnosis and deep understanding of disease. 

Training with the Shuar Elders

Later, through the maturity gained in his shamanistic work, his level of accomplishment in all these arts was greatly deepened in a way that is impossible to learn with mere theory. Through this spiritual journey, Ruymán was embraced by a much more focused, deep spirituality and this led him into the stillness of static meditation and the trance of Tao. Ancient Buddhist poets talk of a life of admiration and unwavering decision to push on. 

At age twenty-two, he began teaching medicine. Soon he opened his own clinic and school with great success. It was at this time that the great moment of his life was approaching: his first Natem (Ayahuasca) ceremonies, where he would receive the great Gift of The Union. After this initiation step, he travelled to the jungle periodically for years, and with unwavering determination, learned the art of the Shuar Amazonian shamanism by the hands of the last elders of a culture in danger of extinction. 

On the other hand, his childhood growing up in cold forests and his long stays in the the Northeast, led him towards a blessed practice with the heart of shamanism: our beloved Amanita Muscaria and the drum's art.

Ruymán develops a deep understanding of the art of healing from the bowels of the Spirit which unites man and life to understand the meaning of illness and the separation of man - Arutam. He become part of the family there, and learned with heart and power.

He learned the deep arts of the ancients: waterfalls rituals, the art of Tobacco and its magical dreams; the art of Natem, Tsentsak, healing, instrumentation, chanting, and power transmission; Floripondio, the spirits and the vision beyond space and time; the understanding of herbal medicine; the deep meaning of the existence and relation of a plant with the human being; the reading of Arutam's living text enchantments; fasting, the sacred touch, the wisdom of the elders and the immemorial times...

violin Ruymán

The traditional relations between the peoples of the mountains (qichuas) and the Shuar, also allowed Ruymán’s masters to illustrate for him the Andean shamanic art: the use of the San Pedro cactus and some varieties of mushrooms. The diet of the mountains influence him deeply as well and became a constant in his ceremonies. 

Although he had many Masters, he always appreciated the love and sincerity of his elders above all, especially one unique man who gave him great power and influenced much of what he is today: the Major Jimbikit.

Over time, Arutam Ruymán received the highest recognition, honours, and prophecies of elders and teachers; he becomes a living memorial of ancient times and their power. The first Ecuadorian Shuar corporation, dedicated to the protection of the spiritual shamanic culture of their people, gave Ruymán an admirable shamanistic certification with top merits.


Union in Arutam - a life's work

Now, Ruymán dedicates his life to travel, healing, and teaching the sacred art of The Union in Arutam throughout the world. He has spent years dedicated to humanity in a world that forgets which in time, could lead to an irretrievable loss.

Today, together with Jordi, he leads a conservation project in the upper Amazon jungle, which aims to teach men all over the world a life of complete confidence in Mother Earth; to learn the art of Shamanism in its full sense and remember that we are children of the world and it is perfectly possible to reunite with Earth and Spirit.

In April 2014, Ruymán published his first written book: The Great Chant of Shamanism: the Path of Ayahuasca and Tobacco. This text is a creation of art and poetry along the lines of ancient incantations. It talks about the art of Shamanism and its essence today. It states that beings emanate from a Great Perfection that is holding them at this very moment. A Perfection that has always have been there. It encourages everyone to find that magical delight to be happy, to have peace, and to make love to a world which is filled with eternal life.

A year and a half later, his second book was published: The Jewel that Inundates all Feeling: the 72 enchantments of Tobacco. This book is a special work which intends to expound on the deep relationship between the Native American peoples and the sacred tobacco leaf. It poetically describes Arutam Ruymán’s understanding of the man-world relationship through certain ceremonial moments. Seventy-two charms take the reader free-falling right into the feeling of Being. They are a form of medicine which intends to gather individual, disordered tendencies, separated from the world, into the one and only Great Feeling which carries the wealth of the original memory. Tobacco has always been considered, by American shamanism, the most important leaf, the living book written by the hand of Arutam (the Great Spirit). With its blood full of feeling, delivered to our grandparents in dreams, it keeps making the men of our time dream, see, and feel. This book also aims to preserve the ancient shamanistic art for those who are adrift in current times. 

In March 2016, the film entitled "The Great Chant of Shamanism" was screened in Argentina. This is the beginning of a series of international projects that will culminate in a free dissemination of material for the good knowledge of the sacred art. It promotes the important natural morality which exalts our values and cares for Man and Nature.

On 2019 beginning, his second film is published: “The Great Manifesto of Shamanism” Again based on his first book, but upon one of the most important and meaningful chapters. Some works had already came out and some others are coming right now.

Almost twenty years travelling throughout the world, countries like: Switzerland, Spain, Estonia, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Ecuador, etc. Ruymán is still sharing the Uwishin’s path and other sacred knowledges from native traditional cultures with the people.

He founded and presides over: The Foundation for world native cultures preservation: Horizonte Esmeralda.