The Great Chant of Shaminism. The Path of Ayahuasca and Tobacco.
(Full Feature Film)

Full Feature Film / Spanish with English Subtitles.

The Great Chant of Shamanism is a film that gives an audiovisual dimension to the book with the same name, written by Arutam Ruymán. The film guides the audience through the Work of the Uwishin --shaman in Shuar---, in his natural habitat, the Jungle, inviting us to accompany the master Arutam Ruymán overnight in ceremony at his center in the high Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. His Words and his Work take the Audience to a journey through the Ancient Wisdom of the Amazonian Elders. The Shuar people developed it's wisdom in total fusion with Mother Nature, creating a Culture that can substantially help the Modern World recover much of its Direction and Purpose. This work brings to life a Cosmovisión with the capability to enrich an intuitive altruistic feeling that emanates from the heart of any individual. This is a new perspective that brings new value to the relationship of humans with their surroundings, giving us the possibility to recall the purpose of the Great Force that created us.

the great manifesto of shamanism by Arutam Ruymán.

Full Feature Film / Spanish with English Subtitles.

The Great Manifesto of Shamanism is the audiovisual version of one of the most important chapters of the literary work of the same author: "The Great Chant of Shamanism, The path of Ayahuasca and Tobacco". A text difficult to understand for the modern mentality, which seeks peace between the way of life of the native peoples of the world, and our conflictive attitude towards the spiritual values of beings and nature. The author places his story in a conversation about the values of life, among old shamans sitting in a circle in front of a fire. This film translates that teaching to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of "Cumbres de Arutam", center and ecological reserve in the Amazon jungle, where Arutam Ruymán imparts the sacred teaching of Shamanism. Sentences endowed with an accent carrying great sacred convictions and honest with the world, this film aims to make much more understandable and, therefore accessible, these teachings for those who wish to understand the mystery of native thought and feel. Arutam Ruymán has been part of many long talks and ceremonies with his "Shuar" family in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. His long family learning in shamanism, imbued him with his expressions and understandings, which today he shares and teaches with passion around the world. In this meeting, we find students from all over the world sharing the teachings of the "Manifesto"; scenes of ceremonies and beautiful moments with families in different parts of the world. This work has been recorded over three years.


The Great Chant of Shamanism

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