What is Arutam?


Arutam cannot be described,
only Be.
It exists beyond one’s own individuality,
and a person who tries to understand it

is disaffected by it.

If one day,
in a fraction of a second, in an fortuitous moment,
you could see the world without your farcical
you would know it.

There are no dealings with Him,
this has never existed.
The only thing that exists is the wisdom of

knowing how to live in Him,
expressing his sacred art.

He is all love,
although it cannot be found in those who love,
nor in something that is loved.

He lives always because he was never born,
and endless are his manifestations
because He is perfect.
We are not his manifestations,
we are Him,
and from these his reflections emanate.

We are light, water, wind, mountain,
sky, cold, and heat.
That which has no flavour nor attachment
we simply are,
and that is power.

Our consciousness is a vast and endless territory,
there is no chill nor force in this universe
that does not belong to us.
We should just empty ourselves
to be of the same nature as the things we see.
When you raise your head at night
or when you seek solace from heaven.

Within this sacred emptiness there is the light,
the reflection of the Great Perfection,
glowing in its ecstasy.
Shine with clarity.