Conferences and Ceremonies in Switzerland

For the past 5 years, ceremonies have been organized four to five times a year creating strong bonds among the participants over the years forming a Swiss community that fosters personal healing and re-awakening through ceremony, meditation and plant medicine. The ceremonies are held over a week-end long retreat in a beautiful countryside location in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

Every once in a while we organize a public evening lecture together with a sacred tobacco ceremony. These lectures cover a variety of topics concerning spirituality, shamanism, modern society, healing and medicinal plants.



The ceremonies are a very profound experience: they remain faithful to the Shuar traditions of the Ecuadorian Amazon. They remain unaltered, and do not try, in any respect, to adapt their content to the "Western" comforts. For this reason, not everyone is qualified to experience such ceremonies.

Find out when the next ceremonies in Switzerland from the calendar.


1 or 2 nights

Food & Accommodation

The ceremonies are held in a house with dormitories and showers in the beautiful countryside. Breakfast is served on both days and lunch prior to the second ceremonies.

Size of group

limited to 20-25


Covers the ceremony expenses including food, supplies and lodging.  Please contact us below for more details.



Who are the ceremonies for? 

You will have the opportunity to experience the Ayahuasca, Tobacco and San Pedro which is shared by the swiss comunity, in company of Arutam Ruymán's art, healing and wisdom.

The majority of participants are looking to change something in their lives. Many return several times as they see the benefits they bring to their daily lives and their relationships. Many wish to continue their journey to free themselves of patterns and tendencies that are rooted from many societal conditioning and cause so much suffering both physical and mental. 

For the past 5 years, the ceremonies in Switzerland have helped many participants.  The ceremonies are open for anyone looking to experience a deep connection with themselves and awaken their own sensitivities to life. 


Contact the organizer

If you are interested in attending a conference or ceremony, please feel free to send us a message through a form by clicking on the button below. The organizer will contact you by email and may want to speak with your by phone to clear up any doubt.