Conferences and Ceremonies in Estonia

Ruymán has been coming to Estonia for more than eight years. Over the years, many people have assisted lectures, seminars, sweat lodges and plant ceremonies in his company. Our family has been growing and evolving as well. Some of us come and stay for a time, looking for spiritual answers, physical or emotional healing in a particular time of their lives, some others have shared the spiritual shamanic path with Ruymán for 5-7 years and still walk together. During the first years he would visit us just a couple of times every year but for the past few years we've had the pleasure of meeting in the circle more often, once every two months. We usually gather over a weekend in a beautiful space in the Estonian countryside. During two nights, Friday and Saturday the healing circles take place and participants are invited to a very special journey in a space held by Ruymán and accompanied by the healing plants, music and enchantments. He follows the Shuar tradition in this line of work. The ceremonies are usually in Spanish with translation to Estonian. The size of the group is usually around 20 and always includes at least a couple newcomers and also a number of more experienced people who can assist Ruymán or support other participants if need be, in between the circles it is also possible to have a private conversation with Ruymán if necessary. Every once in a while we organize a public evening lecture together with a sacred tobacco ceremony in Tallinn.

Ayahuasca Ceremony Group photo in Estonia

These lectures cover a variety of topics concerning spirituality, shamanism, modern society, healing and medicinal plants. Occasionally Ruymán holds a traditional North American sweat lodge (Temazcal) here as well. A few of us have had the opportunity to partake in month long shamanic retreats in the Ecuadorian Amazon as well as some shorter retreats in other places.

Shamanism from the rainforest raises the echoes of the traditions and ancestral wisdom of our nordic land and heart, helping us remember many things that have not yet been completely lost. Many a time have I heard Ruymán say that the Estonians are elfic in our serenity. That may or may not be so but there certainly is magic in the air when the master works his enchantments or plays the flute in the still air of a white June night on the shores of the Baltic sea. 




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1 or 2 nights

Food & Accommodation

The ceremonies are held in a house with dormitories and showers in the beautiful countryside. Breakfast is served on both days and lunch prior to the second ceremonies.

Size of group

limited to 20-25


Covers the ceremony expenses including food, supplies and lodging.  Please contact us below for more details.



Contact the organizer

If you are interested in attending a conference or ceremony, please feel free to send us a message through a form by clicking on the button below. The organizer will contact you by email and may want to speak with your by phone to clear up any doubt.


Photo credit: Maximiliano Buono