The Medicine and the Sacred Arts of Human Tradition

Ancient medicine considered man as a totality: world and man coexists in perfect relationship as a great being or entirety. The sickness was understood as a disharmony in that infinite relationship, caused by the conflict of separating the man from the world. The being, in his sustained and inexistent self, resists grievously to the joyful Union with everything. Dark spirits take this place, supported and fitted with a certain type of presence, draining the energy of those who painfully squander there. In His ecstatic matrimony, the Being expands in the endless blaze, in the Perfection. 

The intensity of the vital cramp makes all beings shout in delight in the great chant of the mystic nature which we all share. His touch means the caress of perfection, health, and wellbeing. To trust and rest in His essence, letting ourselves loose towards the vast depths of our being, is peace. And this takes no effort… effort is to live in constant resistance being a shadow that agonises in delirious madness. The loss of memory of the Great Perfection, remembering something but not living it in the endless present, is all wrong. The vital cramp decreases, and depending on our mistakes, on our separation, life will run less in some places than others. 


This is how the doctor and master makes his prognosis and diagnosis. As we get sick, our relationship with the world will turn more tortuous, forgetting who He is, devoted to a dark drain, an illusion that collapses before reality. The world begins to hurt, and a vast encyclopaedia of origins and developments of diseases is displayed. Ancient medicines only understood one possible way to heal: to intensify the sacred touch of Life in the weakening abandoned being. Techniques such as herbalism work under that medicinal effect. The old shamanism (to which these previous techniques also belonged to) was the art of knowledge that did not only heal, it also endowed the being of the means and understanding to be fully aware of the process of returning to Life, how to care for it and live in power, learning the mysteries of existence.

Life takes its place with ardent passion and magic floods man and the world from the Spirit who resumes the magical relationship in the whole and discovers that there is no force in this world that does not belong to him. Thus, in being part of this great enchantment, beauty, happiness, and deep peace move you in power and confidence through the instincts, in a world that has no end in any direction.

Guayusa tree


Our ancestors have always told us to learn from the beings who share the world with us, in perfect Union in Arutam. Weak beings, abandoned by the sacred touch, try to survive in a world that is unsustainable and not adaptable to them. This world is lived through hiding, for its elements are perceived as such an overwhelming reality that the lies supporting dark spirits in a location in time and space, crumble and break before the frailty of their sick illusion. The more a being is committed to such an error or possession, the more herbal remedies he will need to survive.

paeonia lactiflora



My grandfathers looked at herbs - and by that I mean plants, flowers, and trees - and they watched the seasons in which they were born and how they related to the world in different moments and places. By doing this, they learned the reasons behind their existence and peculiarities. They examined closely their taste, texture, temperature, different parts, odours, and colours. Great spirits full of meaning in a world full of sense. Great personalities, white of light and delight, a feeling they won’t abandon, delights them in the passing of the ages. Man, darkened, stumbling at each step in his frailty, absent of the sacred touch, breaks fortuitously. Time hurts him, and the elements of the world torture him in a sick relationship. Our beloved plants in their teas conserve the memory of their perfect lives. Herbs bring a small portion of the sacred touch to our blood and educate us. Although the sacred touch is unique, sometimes it can be remembered like this. Mastery is to understand the patient and bring the memory of the herbs-world closer to the decadent man. Years of observation and meditation in the depths of feeling this world show us these mysteries of our nature.