Works and Center Visits

The center of knowledge, healing, and teaching in the jungle, seeks to perpetuate the culture of shamanism in the heart of its very origin: the Amazon. Under the direction of geat brother Tucán Rojo, the center is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment following the way of traditional and ecological life. It strives to keep alive the enchantment of the forest, take care of the growth of medicine, and leave a deep and real path for future generations. Shamanism is an art increasingly absent and deprived of its roots. Confusion and manipulation has dented this art and it will disappear if its truth is not perpetuated in the hearts of people and in the earth.

In the center we are committed to caring for the knowledge of and integration with the environment. Therefore, retreats are carried out in the primary natural reserve of Sangay (Ecuador), hundreds of hectares in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by waterfalls. In these retreats, the aim is to bring man near to the Spirit through coexistence with the uncorrupted nature that our grandparents knew. The sacred knowledge of shamanism is taught through the transmission, teaching, and guidance of Arutam Ruymán, the experience of the older brothers, the wisdom the power plants bring, and the simplicity and humility of the rich life of the ancients, and the ancient medicines of the jungle. 


Length of retreats

A retreat can be long, especially if the intent is to learn serious practices including strong medicines, a power transmission (Tsentsak), initiatic rituals, etc. The practices in the jungle require long walks, staying overnight, fasting, extensive preparation, sincere devotion, profound understanding, and the approval of Ruymán. 

If you are a more occasional visitor or starting the initial learning process, we have a smaller part of the center in a forest near a little village. This center has easy access, more comfort, and better communication abilities which make it possible for people to go about their daily lives while deepening in the art of Shamanism and Arutam. You may also stay longer here, a way to guarantee recovery after the ceremonies in nature. Staying longer would facilitate the integration of the lived experience. Patients being treated must remain here for the necessary time stipulated by Ruymán. This timeframe is usually two weeks to three months, depending on how much treatment is needed.

Although shamanism is a gradual learning path and all insights come to us as we approach Arutam, we also


organize workshops and public programs, so various branches of his art can be shown. For example, meetings are offered in the morning or afternoon to bring the public closer to the work with tobacco and other herbs. We also do lectures, teachings, traditional open rituals, small samples of music, traditional instrument making, the preparation of medicines, diet, small retreats, and ceremonies. 


Healing in the Jungle

Anyone can find the magical relationship that numbs the dark seduction in a world of medicine that nobly enchants the man of power.


Holy Land teaches us in deep enchantment that all understanding leads to Perfect Union in the peace of man and the world.This work has been developed with the deepest intention of generating a profound impact on the heart of humanity. We have endeavored to bring the jungle, its strength and beauty, to man.  The goal is to remember Arutam more easily through medicines, ancestral ceremonies, sacred teachings, and transmissions. In these times, healing and understanding are urgent, and I think there is no time to lose: the earth needs us and we must respect the immortality of tomorrow.


Next Retreat

From 8th to 30th of January, 2020



Morona Santiago, Sangay, Ecuador


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want to be.

If you are interested, please feel free to send us an email or contact us on Facebook. If you are interested, but do not know us, it would be good to contact us and have a talk before getting into such deep work in the jungle. Every new person comes in as a visitor and guest, beginning their first processes with Ruymán. Later, if possible, we will delve into more committed practices.