Arutam and the force

2018-05-16 10.08.33.jpg

Arutam is a perfect crystal that sustains the entire existence in a single Great Feeling. It's the perfect intellect behind the world we see, that eternally imbibes from its own grace. It's harmony, which keeps that sacred perfection intact, making it both immortal and eternally venerable; just a pass of time that dignifies it, and uncovers new miracles inexhaustibly.

That sacred crystal is a temperate peace within the most calm and rich insipidness. Each craving ridicules itself before the Infinite Feeling, which contains all feeling in its most minute twilights and at its most splendid apogee, in the spark of an instant.

The man who gives himself, during that trance, will rest in plenitude. And in the natural intellect that has always been, he understands the past and abandons it in compassion, by freely breathing the Arutam, in the very instant he sings, in the eternal ocean of the Great Feeling.

Skies that mourn and wet the sweet earth, awaken a sudden snap, which was hidden in a corner between earth, stone and trees. A part of the feeling of Arutam, engraved on some green leaf, will remind men of some nuance of the richness of their true feeling. By remembering Life, people heal; By remembering where we were born from, we stop hurting the world. Slowly I reflect, about compassion as the natural consequence of force.