The Origin


At the beginning everything was Arutam:
A boundless perfection whose sacred touch
expressed its infinite nature.

Everything exists because it is Him,
and only He contains everything.
He is so deep that He shines
in the ecstasy of His infinite presence.

There is nothing else conceived because He is everything,
but He never thinks that He has conceived anything.

That Great Perfect Being is here right now,
and at the same time,

He sings in the mornings because the light is His movement,
that is mastery.
He celebrates everything because He merely lives
and He does not envisage any future at all.
He gave himself in His Great Natural Perfection,
in His own time.

He is the Truth, but he does not think about it.
He never remembers and his actions are pure love.
He is the very same touch that everyone feels
and which we all share.

Whoever does not understand this has lost His memory.
Arutam is everything.

Concepts such as a memory of a past or beginning
do not exist.
He does not remember or think that
He has done something.
If He is never going to die,
He has nothing to protect or to fear.
Within Him there is the memory of all times.

Whoever is in Him, remembers everything.
This is not a thought which returns to a place like the mind,
it is the very own memory who remembers in its own time who it is.

Arutam’s presence is sacred.
Common men feel
the misery of their attachment,
they are small and poor in their search for power.
Longing for Arutam, that which material wealth does not fulfill, but consumes.
This is why Arutam’s presence is sacred,
it is the most valuable.
Far from the riches of being everything,
we shrink into a rational individual.
Everything is tainted by sickness,
the attachment maintains the tensions.
Reason creates its logic,
and then its feelings.

The suffering mind and heart
yearn for the forgotten Whole.
The reason confirms the self
and from our personality we observe
a world which is alien and different.
We must protect ourselves

The heart resists and suffers.
The mind will call upon logic to act.
Violence in space and remorse in time
will carry a personal history filled with relentless suffering.

Injustice, despotism, distinction, power,
lack of honour and sincerity,
are all violence.
They arise from the ignorance hidden
by reason’s elegance.
The feeling of being a discernible self,
conceals the violence,
in an explanation based on law,
justice, and religion.

Whoever has never thought about this,
uses His services.
Those who have never reconsidered,
have lost their memory.

I Arutam Ruymán,
I today sing from You, Great Spirit,
because we all rise at this dawn
towards you, Father Etsa (Sun). 
There is no science nor fundamental studies for
the great art of being devoted to Life, 
to be remembered and to become true.

Today I sing and beg your care, 
because I am everywhere motionless
and moving. 

Because there is nothing to achieve
other than being myself. 
Because the intentions are healed within the inaction
and my family must be healed in You. 

Because you gave us Life, 
Great healer. 
You are the Will that moves us, 
You move all the stars and my heart. 
Ha ha ha, the sickness likes to confuse us, 
but it is You who are here. 
You guide me in the four cardinal points
so my actions will become the glory of your light. 


Oh Arutam!