Ruymán was born in Tenerife. He lives in the jungle, and, in his spare time, when he is working in Europe and Russia, he lives on the island, a quiet place to devote to shamanism and natureand. His teachings and ceremonies are integrated into a practice, under heaven and earth, in the forests, beaches and beautiful mountains. The favorable climate is a gift to keep this opportunity open. The retreats are not as long as in the jungle, nor so full of their traditional spirit, of course, but the closeness and beauty of this Nature is something invaluable. It assures us a deep medicinal caress and inner realization.From several places in Europe and Russia it is perfectly possible to reach this destination very easily. The prices of the stay are excellent and, besides, it does not imply a violent change of the Western way of life. It can also be adapted to suit every individual need. Although it's recommended to be part of the whole process, it is possible, depending on the time available, to do only one part.


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If you are interested in attending the retreat, please feel free to send us a message through a form by clicking on the button below. The organizer will contact you by email and may want to speak with your by phone to discuss about the ceremonies, the preparations and answer any of your questions. 

Next dates: October, from 18th to 23rd, 2019

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