I feel very happy for the time shared with, once unknown men different to me, today my brothers, my beloved russian family. Everyone have learnt a lot from the feeling given me by my elders in rainforest. But a lot I have learnt in all the corners I have visited in your country; from north to south, from east to west. Many joined me to rainforest, to listen the Arutam's voice in the Waterfall; showing up the heart of a noble and strong people. It's awesome how you have persisted throughout the time, how you have become an example, not just for your fellow countrymen, but for the entire world I know.

Time has made us stronger, has put us more together. Has filled our inner silence with Life's mistery. We have grown up more humble, rich for not needing calm down wishes which were consuming us without sense. Simple, because we are able to look a world, shared by many, which doesn't enslave our happiness. Beings of peace able of embodying, before yours, a truthful example of freedom, of hope. Deep is today our rest... and thus, we have learnt to bath it, in the dark Tabaco's waters.

                                        Arutam Ruymán 

ceremonies russia

I want to share with you the experience of one of our sisters: 

"The long search for peace in the haven of love, pure Spirit' s presence, has led me to meet Master Ruymán. The ancestral teaching, the living encounters and his fine music, helped me to find the meaning of Life through the connection with Great Spirit, who speaks to me through the Tobacco leaf. Ruymán's art and wisdom has taught me to take care of the Spirit, and to honor all its forms in this beautiful world. Thus, I am happy, going deeply in that state within my heart. It's being revived little by little in me, feeling the growing Life: its pulse, its rhythm... Tobacco speaks in my body through prayers, reviving my blood and connecting it with Arutam. For all this, huge is my gratitude".

                          Irina, St. Petersburg

traditional ayahuasca