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The aim of this website is to transmit the spirituality and medicine of the Amazonian peoples, and Native American traditions. Arutam Ruymán truthfully illustrates how the shamanic culture of these ancient people, especially the Shuar, is helping us understand and integrate our ancestral expressions and vital experiences into our modern civilization.

Several topics such as those related to the understanding of their moral and spiritual values, the use of medicinal plants, the understanding of disease and the practice of medicine including the use of entheogenic or visionary plants in their ceremonies, like Tobacco, Ayahuasca, Floripondio, San Pedro... are covered throughout this website in blog articles, books, videos, films, seminars, conferences and traditional ceremonies..

Shaman: Arutam Ruymán

Arutam Ruymán (Ruymán Barceló Solano)  dedicates his life to travel, healing, and teaching the sacred art of The Union in Arutam throughout the world. He has spent years dedicated to humanity in a world that forgets which in time, could lead to an irretrievable loss.


The Great Chant of Shamanism

Everything is Arutam, a great perfection that is eternal and contains everything in His delight. He merely lives in delightful eternity, endless He only is. He is born in everything because in perfection one only is Him. He never flinches but he resides in grace without feeling the pass of time. Perfection can only express admirable art and beauty, thus our mind rests and caresses all existence, singing in the passion of life.

He is so true that He is the only truth, and He shows it in an endless world filled with a variety of miracles, tendencies of which only His mysterious Union in the depths of the Spirit could be understood.

To live awake in everything, feeling the entire world and being moved by the Spirit, is the only thing we are born ready for. There is nothing to add, nothing can substitute the great wealth of being Everything. 

Ceremonies, Conferences & Retreats


Ceremonies Around The World

Tobacco, Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies are held in several countries across Europe, South America, etc.  Learn more »

Conferences & Seminars on Shamanism

Shaman Ruymán speaks and shares several seminars, presenting the art of shamanism.  Learn more »

Retreats in the Rainforest & Canary Islands

Each year in January retreats are held in the Center in the rainforest of Ecuador. Learn more »

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Videos, interviews and news on Shamanism, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Tobacco and much more…

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