The Alberto José Varela's fraud (Inner Mastery, Ayahuasca Internacional International) and many others like him, in the pain of these times.

Shamanism is extinguishing definitively, almost all the elders are already an old times memory in my life. I was one of the few who learned the pure source, being family among them. The natives desired and desire a western life, victims of the necessity created by the white man to manipulate them. They destroy the jungle with no mercy, only after finishing themselves off in every level. A little money, a mobile, a couple of speakers and alcohol become the motivation to keep on going tomorrow. They’ll never have what we have in Europe, but the longing is enough to abandon the shamanism, let the elder die and not learning.

The trace of white man misery was devastating in America, the natives taught that God had a Son and, being Christian colony, they have the truth. In that way we lied, steal, raped, abused, killed… until leaving nobody. Poverty and misery of the soul scatters in every corner of Amazon, it doesn’t seems like its going to get better. There is already no Master nor alive tradition practically… It is the end of shamanism and its perfect transmission. In the West, far echoes are heard which doesn’t look even a bit like the true teachings of my family: neo-shamanic imitators, mixtures of science and western therapy with Spirit and sacred plants, religious sects even Christians which take the Ayahuasca as sacrament… Confusion lost in the rest of the world that which didn’t even arrive. Hereof we have individuals which cooks a plant and sell it to earn money. Who buys it doesn’t really have a clue of what he has got, if that would help him at all and which is the path to the perfect feeling. Without wisdom, training, power transmissions from the Major Masters; Who’s going to be able to feel the Perfect Arutam which the Shaman fused in the world transmits in his scream, chant, teaching, healing and passion of life?

Lost in a hallucination delirium which always ends fatally, they are too busy to reflect and have to keep on fast forward devastating everything, it doesn’t matter. The worst comes when more people get dragged as well; even worse wanting to make it public; even worse being an ugly and tetric clown as Varela; sad, very sad, letting get manipulated by the shade of such individuals who will kill the las deep feeling that you tried to protect all your life and you made a mistake playing your last card. When you realize about this mistake it possibly will be already too late.

Today the white man wish to return to the forest to find the answers forgotten by their cruel killer ancestors, but they’ll only get what they left: resentment, manipulation, ignorance, violence and deep misery. In the video I leave you below, we see the reality of this words, it is a good and true journalistic work, as sad as the miserable destroyed reality left after the Spanish conquers in America. Of the second part, then imagine what happen with the little white fellows who met with this native degenerate “masters” in the South of America and wanted to imitate them in every way. Alberto José Varela (hidden behind his companies: ayahuasca internacional, ayahuasca travels, escuela europea ayahuasquera, ayahuasquera european school, ayahuasca planet, inner mastery...) one of the major extremes of deterioration of human being, his tradition and his society which I’ve never seen or heard of. This sad shame for the Argentina people is going to be the trigger for the prohibition of Ayahuasca in Spain at least, but well, let’s leave this for the next post. Take a look of the documentary and please share this post so many can be prevented about this I have so many time insisted on. dias/temporada-7/programa- 42/