The serious error in the use of garlic

Garlic has been an unknown food for the Amazon’s people. It’s been introduced very recently, and it’s been strictly rejected, especially in every practice related to the spiritual tradition. One of its most harmful side effects is upset stomach (nausea),  when combined with Ayahuasca, because it produces a violent vomiting, causing a considerable discomfort. Its effects extend over months after its use. The natives discard it as any other harmful poison, which also distances the good energies and the corporal well-being in general. It is so repellent and nauseating that it’s used -albeit very occasionaly-, to repel the sting of snakes (anointed in the legs), as these animals flee before this pestilent substance. Those who are sensitive have noticed the intestinal discomfort and bad breath that garlic produces, and they strongly reject it, to the point where they cannot remain close to garlic consumers and their smell. In addition, the mental excitement and the excessive stimulation of garlic consumption, damages the peace of mind and concentration, and it also destroys the palate of its frequent consumers.

The properties of the plant, though, could be considered medicinal in certain cases:

- Infections: no bacteria or animal in the world will proliferate after coming in contact with this disgusting substance.

- Cold: in fact, garlic produces heat and itch, because the body expels this nasty substance and tries to free itself of it; But this happens with any poison, and at all costs.

To conclude, I must say, as a herbalist, that there are many other beautiful and noble plants that could be used more effectively to treat the pathologies already described; they will bring us much better additional benefits.