Words to Arutam Ruymán, Buenos Aires 2017

2017-12-19 19.35.49.jpg

A words of affection towards Arutam Ruymán, inspired by the end of year ceremonies in Buenos Aires. By Mauricio Auvet:


In the last thrust of time,

right at the point where dreams hurt

with the soul full of sorrow and bitterness,

the wounds throb as your singing is heard.


You, who learned the wisdom of our ancestors;

You, who was blessed by the Great Spirit,

help me remember;

You, the one who cares and transmits the sacred touch,

save me from darkness.


Your song brings back memories of the world;

your art unties the time between the sounds and the omens.

My heart listens

death and life,

fear and love,

transforming sorrows, healing wounds.



You reveal the Great Secret.

Medicine works in my body,


I'm flying with wings of tenderness,

I abandon reasoning to reach this understanding


My soul vibrates as it heals my body.

The smell of incense prevails

in the vagueness of bodies lying in trance.

I am part of the whole,

the ego dissolves.


The night dies, the day is born.

The shadows fall and the warrior awakens

under the spell of your sweet flute as beauty is unveiled.

The sound of the wind makes my soul bloom.


From your hand I meet my grandfather Tobacco,

I am overflowing with freshness

and drink the blood of Arutam.

Teach me, oh Master!

your wisdom.


I honor this wonderful experience with all due solemnity,

with respect and love, I take care of my feeling.

Infinite is my gratitude

 to your will, to your work.

Thank you for the ceremony,

thank you for teaching me how to be Human.